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* version 0.0.1
* do not commit AUTHORS
* release instructions
* tests: run gitlab & gitea tests
* architecture: add support for gitea
* tests: simplify gitlab setup
* interface: add user to forge interface
* tests: gitea internal URL port
* tests: setup two gitea instances
* tests: rework the gitlab main function
* reorganize the codebase
* create the dvcs interface
* create the forge interface
* implement class for high level git operations
* black: normalize strings
* batch pre-commit run
* add pre-commit configuration
* bootstrap direnv
* upgrade gitlab to 13.12.3
* setup-gitlab needs IP
* run two gitlab servers for testing
* test ci
* test ci
* gitlab: issue create/get/delete
* gitlab: set the user for a project
* gitlab: create/get/delete user
* gitlab: it's a tar.gz not a zip
* gitlab: skip another race condition in project creation
* gitlab: implement project export
* get retry from fedeproxy
* implement gitlab project get/create/delete
* test gitlab
* not enough RAM
* reduce the memory requirements by running a single worker
* run only one GitLab
* localhost does not exist in the CI
* create two GitLab instances for testing purposes
* initial
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