Commit a1fa4b707fd by Pierre Augier

Added tag docker-20190226 for changeset 8cec2e392090

parent d1ac434e24b
......@@ -22,3 +22,4 @@ a9a9be60db25de244e0222d91ab7041289f21ac3 0.0.3b1
81b9c54e152738f69a1eb4e597b46279c9858115 docker-20180314
66a54fb818c4e0854263b1502dcd3f41e80649ce docker-20180924
0fddb5cf2a7c360f04878cfeb9e368e287079b9c docker-20190123
8cec2e39209025797572586b5e89ce6fc00a0c9f docker-20190226
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