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start doc to install p3dfft libraries

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......@@ -59,6 +59,24 @@ limitation to scalability inherent in FFT libraries implementing 1D (or slab)
decomposition: the number of processors/tasks used to run this problem in
parallel can be as large as N2, where N is the linear problem size."*
To use p3dfft with python binding, we need shared library and then a modified
version of the package. Please follow the process detailed in the INSTALL file
of this fork of the official p3dfft package :
It can be convenient to link p3dfft with fftw3. So one fftw directory with lib
and include directories must exist.
For example, on debian system, you can do that with :
mkdir -p $HOME/opt/fft_gcc/include/
mkdir -p $HOME/opt/fft_gcc/lib/
cp /usr/include/fftw* $HOME/opt/fft_gcc/include/.
cp /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libfftw3* $HOME/opt/fft_gcc/lib/.
And next you can compile p3dfft with the following command
(in this case the final install directory is /opt/p3dfft/2.7.5 directory) :
CC=mpicc CCLD=mpif90 ./configure --enable-fftw --with-fftw=$HOME/opt/fft_gcc_bak/ --prefix=/opt/p3dfft/2.7.5
.. todo::
How can I install it? Link? Advice?
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