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Rename variables in interfaces/__init__ and add documentation for the…

Rename variables in interfaces/__init__ and add documentation for the set_default_interface function.
parent 69328181251
......@@ -3,6 +3,10 @@
Provides some classes:
.. autoclass:: PhysicalInterfaceType
.. autoclass:: Interface
......@@ -15,6 +19,11 @@ Provides some classes:
Provides some functions:
Provides some modules:
......@@ -42,7 +51,7 @@ class PhysicalInterfaceType(IntEnum):
Modbus = 3
DefaultInterface = {
default_interface = {
PhysicalInterfaceType.GPIB: "VISAInterface",
PhysicalInterfaceType.Ethernet: "SocketInterface",
PhysicalInterfaceType.Serial: "SerialInterface",
......@@ -50,47 +59,72 @@ DefaultInterface = {
if sys.platform.startswith("linux"):
DefaultInterface[PhysicalInterfaceType.GPIB] = "GPIBInterface"
default_interface[PhysicalInterfaceType.GPIB] = "GPIBInterface"
def set_default_interface(interface_type, interface_classname):
DefaultInterface[interface_type] = interface_classname
Select the default class interface for the given interface type.
By default, GPIB uses VISAInterface class on Windows (based on NI-VISA)
and GPIBInterface class on Linux (based on Linux-GPIB), Ethernet uses
SocketInterface class, Seriel uses SerialInterface class.
This means that GPIB instrument can be instantiated as
instead of Instrument(VISAInterface('GPIB0::1::INSTR'))
or Instrument(GPIBInterface(0,1)),
provided the Instrument class defines Instrument.default_physical_interface
to PhysicalInterfaceType.GPIB.
The behavior can be changed by this function, i.e.
import fluidlab.interfaces as fi
fi.set_default_interface(fi.PhysicalInterface.GPIB, 'VISAInterface')
to force VISAInterface on Linux,
fi.set_default_interface(fi.PhysicalInterface.Ethernet, 'VISAInterface')
to use VISAInterface class instead of SocketInterface class for network
connected devices.
default_interface[interface_type] = interface_classname
def interface_from_string(name, defaultPhysicalInterface=None, **kwargs):
def interface_from_string(name, default_physical_interface=None, **kwargs):
Infer physicalInterface from name if possible, or use the default provided
physicalInterface otherwise.
i.e. if the names contains the physical interface explicitely, then we use it,
Infer physical_interface from name if possible, or use the default provided
physical_interface otherwise.
i.e. if the names contains the physical interface explicitely,
then we use it,
GPIB0::1::INSTR is GPIB physical interface
ASRL0::INSTR is a VISA Serial address is a IP address, so Ethernet interface
classname = None
physicalInterface = None
physical_interface = None
if "GPIB" in name:
physicalInterface = PhysicalInterfaceType.GPIB
physical_interface = PhysicalInterfaceType.GPIB
elif "ASRL" in name:
physicalInterface = PhysicalInterfaceType.Serial
physical_interface = PhysicalInterfaceType.Serial
classname = "VISAInterface"
elif isinstance(name, (ipaddress.IPv4Address, ipaddress.IPv6Address)):
name = str(name)
physicalInterface = PhysicalInterfaceType.Ethernet
physical_interface = PhysicalInterfaceType.Ethernet
ip = ipaddress.ip_address(name)
physicalInterface = (
_ = ipaddress.ip_address(name)
physical_interface = (
if defaultPhysicalInterface is not PhysicalInterfaceType.Modbus
if default_physical_interface is not PhysicalInterfaceType.Modbus
else PhysicalInterfaceType.Modbus
except ValueError:
if physicalInterface is None:
physicalInterface = defaultPhysicalInterface
if physical_interface is None:
physical_interface = default_physical_interface
if classname is None:
classname = DefaultInterface[physicalInterface]
classname = default_interface[physical_interface]
if classname == "VISAInterface":
from fluidlab.interfaces.visa_inter import VISAInterface
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