Commit 8676a4a2660 by Julien Salort

Add burst to HP 33120A function generator

parent a0f551deebf
......@@ -10,16 +10,29 @@
__all__ = ["HP33120a"]
from fluidlab.instruments.iec60488 import IEC60488
from fluidlab.instruments.iec60488 import IEC60488, Trigger
from fluidlab.instruments.features import SuperValue, FloatValue
class HP33120a(IEC60488):
class HP33120a(IEC60488, Trigger):
Driver for the function generator Hewlett-Packard 33120A
def configure_burst(self, freq, ncycles):
Configure a TTL burst with a given number of cycles
Send ``*TRG`` or ``gbf.trigger()`` to start a burst
self.interface.write("OUTP:LOAD INF")
self.interface.write(f"APPL:SQU {freq} HZ, 5 VPP, +2.5 V")
self.interface.write(f"BM:NCYC {ncycles}")
self.interface.write("BM:PHAS 0")
self.interface.write("TRIG:SOUR BUS")
self.interface.write("BM:STAT ON")
class HP33120a_ShapeValue(SuperValue):
shapes = {
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