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Commit 1c0c3f1f authored by Pierre Augier's avatar Pierre Augier
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Added tag 0.5.0 for changeset f64d04b00be8

parent f64d04b00be8
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......@@ -17,3 +17,4 @@ d6255e071d976cf78dceec7ff6fd9c8f55736246 0.3.1
5526609e3149e2a9a0f485650bd2581f587bd56b 0.3.3
65db318ae78c6a7cb2d80ced2c386c627580c9f3 0.4.0
4b6b21bb49b630405d848926558c85c4955a6098 0.4.1
f64d04b00be8611d67e78a682df3a25a034b118e 0.5.0
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