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Commit 32e75ab0 authored by Jason Reneuve's avatar Jason Reneuve
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keys option for load_time_series

parent bdb37bb2bbba
......@@ -381,8 +381,10 @@ class SpatioTemporalSpectra(SpecificOutput):
self.t_last_save = tsim
def load_time_series(self, tmin=0, tmax=None, dtype=None):
def load_time_series(self, keys=None, tmin=0, tmax=None, dtype=None):
"""load time series from files"""
if keys is None:
keys = self.keys_fields
if tmax is None:
tmax = self.sim.params.time_stepping.t_end
......@@ -400,7 +402,7 @@ class SpatioTemporalSpectra(SpecificOutput):
order = file.attrs["dims_order"]
region = file.attrs["probes_region"]
if dtype is None:
dtype = file[f"spect_{self.keys_fields[0]}_loc"].dtype
dtype = file[f"spect_{keys[0]}_loc"].dtype
# get list of useful files, from tmin
tmins_files = np.array([float([14:-3]) for p in paths_1st_rank])
......@@ -445,10 +447,7 @@ class SpatioTemporalSpectra(SpecificOutput):
# load series, rebuild as state_spect arrays + time
series = {
f"spect_{k}": np.empty(spect_shape, dtype=dtype)
for k in self.keys_fields
series = {f"spect_{k}": np.empty(spect_shape, dtype=dtype) for k in keys}
with Progress() as progress:
task_ranks = progress.add_task("Rearranging...", total=len(ranks))
task_files = progress.add_task("Rank 00000...", total=npaths)
......@@ -493,7 +492,7 @@ class SpatioTemporalSpectra(SpecificOutput):
ik2 = file["probes_k2adim_loc"][:]
# load data at desired times for all keys_fields
for key in self.keys_fields:
for key in keys:
skey = f"spect_{key}"
data = file[skey + "_loc"][:, its_file]
for i, it in enumerate(its):
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