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# This has to be run on a node of a cluster at LEGI.
# From the frontale, run:
# oarsub -I -l "{net='ib' and os='buster'}/core=2,walltime=2:00:0"
module purge
module load python/3.8.0 openmpi/4.0.5-ib
mkdir -p $SHARED/envs
python -m venv $SHARED/envs/env_fluidsim
source $SHARED/envs/env_fluidsim/bin/activate
pip install pip -U
pip install git+ --no-binary mpi4py
pip install hg+
cd ~/Dev/fluidfft
cd ~/Dev/fluidsim
# Afterwards, the environment needs to be activated with
# source $SHARED/envs/env_fluidsim/bin/activate
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