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First commit

Compute an plot nhmin and nhmax

Compute nhstart and nhend

filter couples for a given nh

Minor changes

list_paths function


small corrections

submit nh<=320 scripts

submit_1sim works on licallo

implement is_job_submitted

is_job_submitted works


small changes

Change t_end

submit320 works

modif t_end + analyse files

small changes

Add function get_t_end + adapt check_all for one nh

black + small correction

minor changes

adding proj in check_all_nh

change t_end for N<1

add .xml description in postrun320

adapt script postrun640

minor changes

change path for output of notebooks

small changes

fix submit640

Small changes submit640

postrun320 ok

adapting postrun640

change labels in plots

Add one simulation + small changes

small changes

Simulations for Jean-Zay

Submit modif_resolution on fat node + corrections

Correction nhend with dealiaising=0.666 + fft_type + nb_nodes

Change resolution on fat node for Jean-Zay

util + 1280

after merging

cleanup + modify fluidsim_path on jean_zay

small corrections + install jeanzay + black

papermill + postrun1280

submit640 + black

small changes

before rebase

modif resolution on fat node + submit 1920

corrections for modif-resolution

modif resolution on fat node of JeanZay works

scripts for azzurra + rsync + spatiotemporal_analysis

rsync + compress + README-1280

rsync_Mycore + corrections + notebook analyse_dimensionless

README 1280 completed + save end_states 1280

Add simulations with N=60 + move_to_azzurra

t_start=t_last-3 in notebook

add some simulations for nh=1280





max-elapsed for 2560 + add simulations

change t_end for large resolution

add viscous simulations


small modif + postrun2560

Delete output analyse_dimensionless.ipynb
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