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Commit 285b94fe authored by Pierre Augier's avatar Pierre Augier
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Added tag 0.1.3 for changeset 7cc6437cc692

parent cac1ec8c9df8
......@@ -4,3 +4,4 @@ e6747f29d9a9e1a00d71837c1cc2c05730d1a60e 0.0.1
e6bb435e2a4d9b7c8465201507ed9fce3933f902 0.0.9
f365e250af615922db7a362b27e1af40695a3491 0.1.0
18d7cc6795ae36a69afbf66b0cb71caa11b3f837 0.1.2
7cc6437cc692187c9dcb44fa673f670283234493 0.1.3
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