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Commit 94a7ba37 authored by Pierre Augier's avatar Pierre Augier
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AnnAssign for capturex

parent 68ce1b6da800
import gast as ast
from transonic.analyses.capturex import CaptureX
from transonic.analyses import extast
from transonic.analyses.util import print_dumped, print_unparsed
with open("") as file:
code =
module = extast.parse(code)
# print_dumped(module)
for node in module.body:
if isinstance(node, ast.FunctionDef):
fdef = node
capturex = CaptureX([fdef], module, consider_annotations="only")
code_ext = capturex.make_code_external()
print("code:", code_ext, sep="\n")
\ No newline at end of file
tmp = float
T = tmp
T1 = int
const = 1
const_ann = 1
def func():
i: T
i = const
ii: T1 = const_ann
return i * ii
......@@ -98,6 +98,15 @@ class CaptureX(ast.NodeVisitor):
self._annot = None
def visit_AnnAssign(self, node):
if self.consider_annotations:
self._annot = node.annotation
self._annot = None
if node.value is not None and self.consider_annotations != "only":
def rec(self, node):
"walk definitions to find their operands's def"
if node is self.func:
......@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ import gast as ast
import astunparse
from transonic.analyses import extast
from transonic.analyses.capturex import CaptureX
def print_dumped(source):
......@@ -32,6 +31,9 @@ def print_unparsed(node):
from transonic.analyses.capturex import CaptureX
def _fill_ast_annotations_function(function_def, ast_annotations):
dict_node = ast_annotations.value
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