Commit 95820200 authored by Pierre Augier's avatar Pierre Augier
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Cython fixed with make_list_code

parent ca4ef36aad7b
......@@ -59,9 +59,12 @@ class TypeFormatterCython(TypeFormatter):
return np_ndarray_type(dtype, ndim)
def make_dict_code(self, key, value):
def make_dict_code(self, type_keys, type_values, **kwargs):
return "dict"
def make_list_code(self, type_elem, **kwargs):
return "list"
def memoryview_type(dtype, ndim) -> str:
end = "[" + ", ".join(":" * ndim) + "]"
from transonic.typing import format_type_as_backend_type
normalized_types = {"float": "float64", "complex": "complex128"}
......@@ -17,8 +19,13 @@ class TypeFormatter:
return base
return base + f"[{', '.join(':'*ndim)}]"
def make_dict_code(self, key, value):
def make_dict_code(self, type_keys, type_values, **kwargs):
key = format_type_as_backend_type(type_keys, self, **kwargs)
value = format_type_as_backend_type(type_values, self, **kwargs)
return f"{key}: {value} dict"
def make_list_code(self, type_elem, **kwargs):
return format_type_as_backend_type(type_elem, self, **kwargs) + " list"
base_type_formatter = TypeFormatter()
......@@ -397,30 +397,25 @@ class Union(metaclass=UnionMeta):
class ListMeta(type):
"""Metaclass for the List class"""
def __getitem__(self, type_):
if isinstance(type_, str):
type_ = str2type(type_)
return type("ListBis", (List,), {"type_": type_})
def __getitem__(self, type_elem):
if isinstance(type_elem, str):
type_elem = str2type(type_elem)
return type("ListBis", (List,), {"type_elem": type_elem})
def get_template_parameters(self):
if hasattr(self.type_, "get_template_parameters"):
return self.type_.get_template_parameters()
if hasattr(self.type_elem, "get_template_parameters"):
return self.type_elem.get_template_parameters()
return tuple()
def __repr__(self):
if isinstance(self.type_, type):
string = self.type_.__name__
if isinstance(self.type_elem, type):
string = self.type_elem.__name__
string = repr(self.type_)
string = repr(self.type_elem)
return f"List[{string}]"
def format_as_backend_type(self, backend_type_formatter, **kwargs):
return (
self.type_, backend_type_formatter, **kwargs
+ " list"
return backend_type_formatter.make_list_code(self.type_elem, **kwargs)
class List(metaclass=ListMeta):
......@@ -468,13 +463,9 @@ class DictMeta(type):
return f"Dict[{key}, {value}]"
def format_as_backend_type(self, backend_type_formatter, **kwargs):
key = format_type_as_backend_type(
self.type_keys, backend_type_formatter, **kwargs
value = format_type_as_backend_type(
self.type_values, backend_type_formatter, **kwargs
return backend_type_formatter.make_dict_code(
self.type_keys, self.type_values, **kwargs
return backend_type_formatter.make_dict_code(key, value)
class Dict(metaclass=DictMeta):
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