Commit c1fde22a authored by Pierre Augier's avatar Pierre Augier
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Use typeof in JIT (Cython still broken & set not implemented)

parent ecd3ef747afc
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ from transonic.analyses import extast
from transonic.signatures import make_signatures_from_typehinted_func
from transonic.log import logger
from transonic import mpi
from transonic.typing import format_type_as_backend_type, typeof
from transonic.util import get_source_without_decorator
from .for_classes import produce_code_class
......@@ -116,36 +117,9 @@ class SubBackendJIT:
def compute_typename_from_object(self, obj: object):
"""return the Pythran type name"""
# TODO: use a (new) public function typeof
name = type(obj).__name__
name = self.type_formatter.normalize_type_name(name)
if np and isinstance(obj, np.ndarray):
name =
if obj.ndim != 0:
name += "[" + ", ".join(":" * obj.ndim) + "]"
if name in ("list", "set", "dict"):
if not obj:
raise ValueError(
f"cannot determine the {self.name_capitalized} type from an empty {name}"
if name in ("list", "set"):
item_type = type(obj[0])
# FIXME: we could check if the iterable is homogeneous...
name = item_type.__name__ + " " + name
if name == "dict":
for key, value in obj.items():
# FIXME: we could check if the dict is homogeneous...
if == "cython":
return "dict"
name = type(key).__name__ + ": " + type(value).__name__ + " dict"
return name
"""return the backend type name"""
transonic_type = typeof(obj)
return format_type_as_backend_type(transonic_type, self.type_formatter)
def produce_code_class(self, cls):
return produce_code_class(cls)
......@@ -567,13 +567,15 @@ def typeof(obj):
- numpy arrays
if isinstance(obj, _simple_types):
return type(obj)
if isinstance(obj, (list, dict, set)) and not obj:
raise ValueError(
f"Cannot determine the full type of an empty {type(obj)}"
if isinstance(obj, list):
if not obj:
raise ValueError("Can't determine the full type of an empty list")
type_elem = type(obj[0])
if not all(isinstance(elem, type_elem) for elem in obj):
......@@ -582,8 +584,6 @@ def typeof(obj):
return List[typeof(obj[0])]
if isinstance(obj, dict):
if not obj:
raise ValueError("Can't determine the full type of an empty dict")
key = next(iter(obj.keys()))
type_key = type(key)
......@@ -597,6 +597,8 @@ def typeof(obj):
return Dict[typeof(key), typeof(value)]
# TODO: isinstance(obj, set)
if isinstance(obj, np.ndarray):
# TODO: deeper analysis
return Array[obj.dtype, f"{obj.ndim}d"]
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