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Fix coverage

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COV=pytest --cov=transonic --cov-append --cov-config=setup.cfg --no-cov COV=pytest --cov=./transonic --cov-config=setup.cfg
develop: develop:
pip install -e .[dev] pip install -e .[dev]
...@@ -36,13 +36,15 @@ clean: ...@@ -36,13 +36,15 @@ clean:
tests_coverage_short: tests_coverage_short:
mkdir -p .coverage mkdir -p .coverage
TRANSONIC_BACKEND="python" $(COV) --nbval-lax transonic data_tests/ipynb COVERAGE_FILE=.coverage/coverage.python TRANSONIC_BACKEND="python" $(COV) --nbval-lax transonic data_tests/ipynb
TRANSONIC_BACKEND="numba" $(COV) transonic COVERAGE_FILE=.coverage/coverage.numba TRANSONIC_BACKEND="numba" $(COV) transonic
$(COV) --nbval-lax transonic data_tests/ipynb COVERAGE_FILE=.coverage/coverage.pythran $(COV) --nbval-lax transonic data_tests/ipynb
tests_coverage: tests_coverage_short tests_coverage_mpi:
TRANSONIC_BACKEND="cython" $(COV) transonic COVERAGE_FILE=.coverage/coverage.mpi.pythran mpirun -np 2 coverage run --rcfile=setup.cfg -m pytest transonic
mpirun -np 2 $(COV) transonic
tests_coverage: tests_coverage_short tests_coverage_mpi
COVERAGE_FILE=.coverage/coverage.cython TRANSONIC_BACKEND="cython" $(COV) transonic
report_coverage: report_coverage:
coverage combine coverage combine
...@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ ignore = E501,E225,E226,E303,E201,E202,E203,W503 ...@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ ignore = E501,E225,E226,E303,E201,E202,E203,W503
[coverage:run] [coverage:run]
source = ./transonic source = ./transonic
data_file = .coverage/coverage data_file = .coverage/coverage
parallel = true
omit = */test*.py omit = */test*.py
*/for_test*.py */for_test*.py
*/_try_*.py */_try_*.py
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