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# How to contribute to Transonic
Thank you for considering contributing to Transonic. Transonic is a
community-driven project. It's people like you that make Transonic useful and
successful. There are many ways to contribute, from writing tutorials or
examples, improvements to the documentation, submitting bug reports and feature
requests, or even writing code which can be incorporated into Transonic for
everyone to use. (Paragraph shamelessly taken and adapted from the MetPy
## Reporting Issues
When opening an issue to report a problem
(<>), please try to provide
a minimal code example that reproduces the issue along with details of the
system you are using. You can copy-paste the output of the command `fluidinfo
-v` provided by the Python package
[fluiddyn]( ([Github
gists]( are good for that!).
## Development process
Transonic is part of the wider project FluidDyn. For FluidDyn, we use the
revision control software Mercurial and our main repositories are hosted here:
Please read our documentation on [developer
and especially on [setting up
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