Commit 795df2f7978 by Pierre Augier

Added tag 0.4.2 for changeset 4487b38dda51

parent 4487b38dda5
......@@ -26,3 +26,4 @@ e1400dfee017769c7fed1f8e35ca671df09abb6d 0.3.2
3253ce7746930bb47cfb1fbc0323439bf71d252f 0.3.3.post0
22cb4193bfcee2246b25fe072479d5fd24d96a43 0.4.0
a7a5dc020d017c02d319e31ab4e6e2863afa098a 0.4.1
4487b38dda51ad01f060d13e222a50dde3648471 0.4.2
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