Commit 185b1472 authored by Leon Arnott's avatar Leon Arnott
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Back-ported the change in 2905f480c42f.

parent cb01800769d4
......@@ -440,6 +440,15 @@ define(['utils'], ({toJSLiteral, assert}) => {
compile those next to it.
if (i >- 1) {
If two variables are being compared (such as $a < $y or $b contains $c)
and the comparison operation is in potential VarRef position
(such as (set: $x to $a < $y)) then don't compile the variables into VarRefs
(because comparison operations can't, and shouldn't, process VarRefs instead of values.)
if (operation) {
isVarRef = false;
Any of the comparisons above could have provided specific
values for left and right, but usually they will just be
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