Commit 2d102e94 authored by Leon Arnott's avatar Leon Arnott
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Added a command to make temporary directories to the Makefile.

Previously, you had to create these directories manually.
parent b69a010165d1
......@@ -25,14 +25,17 @@ css = "{{CSS}}", JSON.stringify("<style title=\"Twine CSS\">" + read("build/harl
# Now, the rules.
default: jshint build/harlowe-css.css
default: dirs jshint build/harlowe-css.css
all: jshint dist/format.js dist/exampleOutput.html
all: dirs jshint dist/format.js dist/exampleOutput.html
-rm -f build/*
-rm -f dist/*
-mkdir -p build dist
jshint js --config js/.jshintrc $(jshint_flags)
jshint test/spec --config test/spec/.jshintrc $(jshint_flags)
......@@ -79,4 +82,4 @@ dist/exampleOutput.html: build/harlowe-min.js build/harlowe-css.css
| $(call node_replace, $(examplename)) \
> dist/exampleOutput.html
.PHONY : all default jshint clean
.PHONY : all dirs default jshint clean
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