Commit 5b25a3eb authored by Leon Arnott's avatar Leon Arnott
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Added tag v3.0.0 for changeset 7ff152207d6c

parent 09acaffbdae2
......@@ -12,3 +12,4 @@ e7e118f9e486590d0f93626268cdbd7ef9cfc5c5 v1.2.2
7ce6ecb9c65fd18b031fd0bc9d5c7c560b230111 v1.2.3
e8ce31abb6f624b8205aed67815c050f25ff9d8b v2.0.0
e6e8f2e0382f716c64a124db360f6095e230db9e v2.0.1
7ff152207d6cf9ca764c375baabf4c6ba31190f2 v3.0.0
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