Commit 7adf0330 authored by Leon Arnott's avatar Leon Arnott
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Added tag v3.2.0 for changeset 0105ea458331

parent 94a33b89e02b
......@@ -18,3 +18,4 @@ e6e8f2e0382f716c64a124db360f6095e230db9e v2.0.1
a0260122cb9bb54ca124d070b2d7d4370d80ab51 v3.1.0
380b1d041573b292b0c2cf06015b0c34adfb1b5b v3.0.2
c1e725feea90219679bd0466e2ad79dda95a16f1 v2.1.0
0105ea458331d4566363e598566ecc22f0c3c147 v3.2.0
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