Commit 1ef395b9 authored by talljosh's avatar talljosh

Updated version number and changelog in preparation for release of version 1.15.1.

parent 11a298cf5833
* Added a server option for requiring all players to select ‘Ready’ before starting a game instead of 70% of players. This is useful for tournament matches.
* The list of available games now only allows 2 seconds to resolve DNS names for trusted servers. This means discovered LAN servers often appear sooner.
* Fixed server bug were the location of replays was not correctly stored and displayed.
* Fixed bug where missing stationary points in the pathfinding database could result in server and clients getting out of sync.
* Fixed concurrency issue when displaying messages like ‘Joining game…’ which sometimes resulted in the wrong message being briefly shown.
* Added new welcome screens developed using Qt so that they can be edited in Qt Designer.
* Added an easy way to host a LAN game, and select the game options.
version = '1.15.0'
version = '1.15.1'
def is_compatible(other):
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