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* Added new welcome screens developed using Qt so that they can be edited in Qt Designer.
* Added an easy way to host a LAN game, and select the game options.
* Added new screen showing available games, with information about why a trusted server is unreachable.
* Added new tutorials screen with various single player scenarios that introduce the basics of Trosnoth.
* Added new scenario, ‘pacifist challenge’, in which bots can shoot but you can’t.
* Added new scenario, ‘wingman challenge’, in which bots can capture rooms but you can’t.
* Added new ‘remember me’ setting that saves a login cookie for a particular server.
* Added new radial menu for selecting upgrades (default hotkey is tab).
* In-game menus are now larger, with a white theme instead of blue.
* The ‘ready’ button is now much more prominent, along with options to change nickname and hat between matches.
* When hosting a LAN game, the game will not start until all players select ‘ready’.
* Greatly improved lag-smoothing algorithm, resulting in much smoother-feeling internet games when network round-trip-time to the server fluctuates.
* Machine gun now slowly reloads whenever the player is not shooting.
* Hitting enter on a blank line now closes the chat window.
* Shoxwave now fires faster in dark zones.
* When a ghost has been idle for too long, they now slowly blur out then are removed from the game.
* In server games, players who do not select ‘ready’ no longer automatically join the game with everyone else (they have to select ‘Join game’).
* Elephant King scenario now awards money to players faster than a regular match.
* You can no longer see the grappling hook rope of invisible players.
* Ninjas now fade in and out instead of becoming abruptly invisible.
* Ninja names, coin count, health bar etc. also fade in and out with the ninja.
* Shots now pass through invulnerable (just spawned) players.
* Pressing space / equals now follows the action in spectator mode like it does in replay mode.
* Majorly improved action-following algorithm in spectator / replay mode.
* In replay / spectator mode, clicking on a player’s name in the leaderboard now follows that player.
* Fixed bug where ‘not the latest stable version’ message would always show.
* Added SilverBot, which reacts very quickly to changes during 1v1 matches.
* Bots now use bomber when they’re cut off.
* Bots now have a difficulty setting, which can be somewhat configured for server-run games.
* Added server options to force certain map sizes and durations (useful for tournaments).
* If a team has only one player and no team name selected, the player name is used.
* Winner banner can now show individual players as the winner (e.g., in a free-for-all)
* Removed hotkeys to toggle leaderboard and HUD as these are easy to bump and annoying to reactivate.
* Settings are now stored in ini files instead of a custom file format.
* Made minor server web interface bugfixes and improvements.
* Fixed various obscure tracebacks in corner cases.
* Fixed some volume level issues with music and sounds.
* Client and server now both use TCP_NO_DELAY.
* Connection to authentication server now uses TLS.
* Game version compatibility is now determined based only on the major and minor version numbers, (with alpha/beta releases considered incompatible with anything but itself).
* Trosnoth’s icon is now generated from the current orb and player graphics.
* Minimum supported Python version is now 3.7.
* Introduced a lot more use of async coroutines in the codebase.
* Added selectable hats / hairstyles.
* Fixed bug where ghosts could have a grappling hook.
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Joshua Bartlett, Ashley Donaldson, Megan Wallace, James Cameron, Timothy Pollard, Keith Harbottle, Kyle Johnson, Chuen Chan, Stephen Thorne, Petria Cameron, Jacques Foottit, Tim Ryan
!Game development
Josh Bartlett - senior code wizard
Ashley Donaldson - senior coding time lord
Sam Horn - senior coding ninja
Josh Bartlett - senior code elder
Peter Hedges - coding & design aficionado
Ashley Donaldson - coding pirate
Sam Horn - coding ninja
Jacques Foottit - graphic artist
Timothy Bartlett - graphic artist
Peter Hedges - icon design
Heather Woodcraft - senior technical consultant
James Cameron - developer
Stephen Thorne - developer
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