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Updated change log ready for release 1.10.0

parent 84f9dc0075b3
* Removed random spawning of stars around the game.
* Replaced stars with coins as the game currency, and removed upper limit
to number of stars held per player.
* Players keep some coins when die, and drop the rest to be collected by
other players.
* Abolished shared team economy, replaced with individual player stockpiles.
* You now receive coins for zone assists as well as captures and kills.
Also, you get more coins for a zone capture/assist if you neutralise zones
as well as capturing the zone.
* Players start a standard Trosnoth game with a small amount of coins.
* Using bomber does not drop any coins.
* Coins gravitate towards players who get close enough.
* Added work-around for bug where some keyboard input is occasionally missed.
* All living players receive coins at a constant, small rate.
* Players are allowed multiple upgrades at once (but not multiple weapon
* Leader board now shows team and player scores based on game mode. For a
standard game, this is a score reflecting the number of zone caps, rather
than number of coins.
* Replaced game over siren with whistle sound.
* Players who survive a rabbit hunt get awarded an achievement and some bonus
coins to use during the lobby phase.
* Ranger bots now hunt rabbits, and do a decent job of playing Trosball
* Better logic for Ranger bots capturing zones: if there are enemies kill
them rather than just jumping around randomly.
* Better logic for Ranger bots defending zones: if the enemy has enough
players to capture, try to kill one before the capture happens.
* If bots are stuck in one place for too long, they use the bomber upgrade.
* Quieter bot logging.
* Internal refactoring, to make it easier to write new game levels but
still use triggers from the standard level (e.g., standard zone capture
mechanics etc.)
* Replaced all uses of SHA1 in the code base.
* Server manhole can now take custom SSH keys (required when used with
new versions of Twisted).
* "Large" map size is now not quite so large.
* Added work-around for bug where some keyboard input is occasionally missed.
* More robustness in some server-side code
* Bug fix: sometimes shots fired towards a player standing just in front of
a wall would hit the wall and not kill the player.
* Bug fix: game used to stop being able to create new stars if the game ran
for too long, this is no longer an issue with coins
* Bug fixes to server web interface
* Bug fixes to replays
* Bug fix: very rarely two teams could capture zones in the same team,
which could result in one time losing their last zone (and the game) while
gaining another zone.
* New bot API, including the ability to dodge bullets.
* Improvements to ranger bot, including a change to help avoid all rangers
being perfectly in sync with one another.
version = '1.10.0a1'
version = '1.10.0'
release = True
revision = ''
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