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Commit 3a2529f2 authored by Georges Racinet's avatar Georges Racinet 🦑
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Branches: getting back to stable evolve for stable Mercurial

In particular, I got confirmation that the stable branch of evolve
is supposed to be compatible with the stable branch of Mercurial (and
not to be preparation for a potential evolve bugfix release).
Temporary incompatibilities of course always happen when a new release
candidate for Mercurial is pushed, bumping its stable branch: shortly
afterwards, the default branch of evolve is promoted to stable. Usually
we don't notice, but the incompatibility stayed a bit longer than usual
in the case of 5.7rc.
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......@@ -2,16 +2,14 @@ ARG PYDEPS_TAG
FROM octobus/ci-py3-hgext3rd as hgsrc
# temporarily using evolve-default for hg-stable because evolve-stable
# is not yet compatible with 5.7rc
RUN hg pull -R /ci/repos/mercurial/ --rev ${HG_BRANCH} && \
hg -R /ci/repos/mercurial/ update ${HG_BRANCH} && \
hg -R /ci/repos/mercurial summary && \
hg clone --noupdate -r default /ci/repos/evolve && \
hg clone --noupdate -r ${HG_BRANCH} /ci/repos/evolve && \
hg -R /ci/repos/evolve summary && \
mkdir -p /ci/tarballs && \
hg -R /ci/repos/mercurial archive -t tar /ci/tarballs/mercurial.tar && \
hg -R /ci/repos/evolve archive -r default -t tar /ci/tarballs/evolve.tar
hg -R /ci/repos/evolve archive -r ${HG_BRANCH} -t tar /ci/tarballs/evolve.tar
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