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Commit d40fe04b authored by Georges Racinet's avatar Georges Racinet 🦑
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Making sure the evolve tarball is for the head of stable

In our previous run, we had an older revision (34c8aa32bc56) instead
of the current head of evolve stable.

Since this is initial cloning, the simplest thing to do here is not
even update upon cloning, but simply `hg archive -r` (hoping there's
no further complication).
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......@@ -5,11 +5,11 @@ ARG HG_BRANCH
RUN hg pull -R /ci/repos/mercurial/ --rev ${HG_BRANCH} && \
hg -R /ci/repos/mercurial/ update ${HG_BRANCH} && \
hg -R /ci/repos/mercurial summary && \
hg clone -r ${HG_BRANCH} /ci/repos/evolve && \
hg clone --noupdate -r ${HG_BRANCH} /ci/repos/evolve && \
hg -R /ci/repos/evolve summary && \
mkdir -p /ci/tarballs && \
hg -R /ci/repos/mercurial archive -t tar /ci/tarballs/mercurial.tar && \
hg -R /ci/repos/evolve archive -t tar /ci/tarballs/evolve.tar
hg -R /ci/repos/evolve archive -r ${HG_BRANCH} -t tar /ci/tarballs/evolve.tar
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