1. 10 Jan, 2021 1 commit
  2. 04 Dec, 2020 9 commits
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      Telling Kaniko about Heptapod internal tooling CA · 05a0286bd415
      Georges Racinet authored
      (used for Docker images proxy caching)
      A better solution might be to fetch it from the Heptapod web site, assuming it would stay
      the same in all locations (that was already the intent anyway).
      In the Kaniko image, `wget` is available, provided by busybox.
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      Partial merge of stable branch into default branch · 4ae14e04b32c
      Georges Racinet authored
      The main change for builds on the default branch is that they will
      have the `default` tag.
      This merge also reduces divergence of both branches.
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      Kaniko: reproducible flag · 2ef60be282e1
      Georges Racinet authored
      Any chance not to create new layers has to be taken.
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      default: produce `default` tag instead of `latest` · 1714b259eb83
      Georges Racinet authored
      This lets downstream projects (hgitaly and py-heptapod) use their own
      hg branch name to be the tag of the present base image to use.
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      stable: fixed produced tag rule · 216625048660
      Georges Racinet authored
      of course that was the only thing that could differ from previous
      in-topic attempt, and it was broken
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      stable: building only hg-current:stable · 1a567ccf684b
      Georges Racinet authored
      Stable versions of Heptapod won't really change the Mercurial version,
      there's no point testing with the heads of Mercurial development branches.
      Currently Heptapod stable is on hg 5.5, and hg stable is the maintenance
      branch for hg 5.6, Heptapod default is on hg 5.6 and its CI should track
      hg-default (future hg 5.7) and hg-stable. Problems will future compat will
      be detected on merges from Heptapod stable to Heptapod default.
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      stable: using pydeps:latest · b9613b576c71
      Georges Racinet authored
      The original plan was to use `pydeps:stable`, but it'd be currently
      nothing else than a rebuild of `pydeps:latest`. Let's just avoid
      useless registry traffic. We can backout this later if we need
      a divergence, but that's not likely.
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      Creating the stable branch · 7084d02d840b
      Georges Racinet authored
      As originally planned, this will produce three images
      on top of `pydeps:stable`.
      We don't need that much images, and we hope to rebase on top of
      the recent hg-git base images, hence we'll simplify that
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  4. 18 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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      Heptapod CI: triggering heptapod-tests · b9d87e086467
      Georges Racinet authored
      Since the heptapod-tests CI now uses this image, it makes sense to
      trigger it. This will give us scheduled runs, that should warn us
      of client-side and test harness regressions.
  5. 16 Oct, 2020 6 commits
  6. 15 Oct, 2020 3 commits
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      Adding builds for Mercurial default and stable · 6b7e7c0cb8ca
      Georges Racinet authored
      The `--cleanup` flag is crucial here: because the kaniko builds
      happen sequentially, without the flag, the last one (fixed,
      released hg version) would have the Mercurial install shadowed
      by previous builds, resulting in a missing Mercurial.
      We've considered several options there, ideally we
      could have built directly from the Octobus ci-py3 image, but we
      lack a clear binary distribution format (there's `setup.py bdist`
      that produces a tarball rooted at /usr/local, but then we'd have
      to painfully extract and be 100% sure there's nothing to be cleaned up).
      Another option would have been simply
         pip install -r https://www.mercurial-scm.org/repo/hg/archive/default.tar.bz2
      But even at a daily build rate, it's not really nice to the upstream server,
      and we could need punctiallly to produce several images in a row,
      as I am actually doing while preparing this.
      On the other hand, the Octobus ci-py3 image has clones attached to
      mirror.octobus.net, so that's the compromise we chose.
      In the future, we can also perhaps trigger from a periodic pull in
      https://foss.heptapod.net/octobus/mercurial-devel or in the pull from
      mercurial-mirror, building only for non trivial changes.
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      Initial image for released Mercurial version · c050d19dae60
      Georges Racinet authored
      We're doing a too common dance: reinstalling build-deps to install
      Mercurial and removing them at the end.
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      Base hg ignore file · 6c4edcc27c39
      Georges Racinet authored