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Added post-import maintainer task list to Hosting Request issue template

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......@@ -21,3 +21,19 @@ for explanations.
- [ ] Hosting Request assignee has repository membership on Bitbucket
- [ ] Heptapod / Bitbucket accounts link
- [ ] Reviewing Heptapod workflow
## Post import maintainer task list:
- [ ] Clone the project afresh from
- [ ] Check that the repository looks good: branches are as expected in the
clone and the web interface, with no `wild` branches unless
there are known multiple heads.
- [ ] Check that issues are imported, and notably that all open issues are
there. Watch for attachments etc.
- [ ] Check that Pull Requests are imported, and in particular take a close
look at the resulting open Merge Requests - they should be backed by a
topic. Make sure you can navigate these in the fresh clone.
- [ ] Check that against, `hg outgoing` and `hg incoming`
from a prior clone are as expected
- [ ] Add the Octobus and Clever cloud acknowledgement at the selected place.
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