1. 26 Nov, 2022 3 commits
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      hg-logging.json: fixed rendering for current HDK · 9a995c6c8c7f
      Georges Racinet authored
      The previous version was actually tested against an older HDK
      version, predating the removal of the `config` method from the
      Rake task definitions (still available of course directly from
      ERB templates)
      Also, the resulting `hg-logging.json` was inadvertly checked in.
    • Georges Racinet's avatar
      Mercurial logging: separate HGitaly logs · 36f999bebb95
      Georges Racinet authored
      Because general Mercurial logging is very verbose at the `DEBUG`
      level, looping over and over over information that is not useful
      for HGitaly development, whereas this level is useful in HGitaly
      development, it makes sense to use a more advanced logging configuration,
      putting HGitaly logs in their own file (`log/hgitaly.log`) and this
      is done with a (new) JSON configuration file.
    • Georges Racinet's avatar
      HGitaly: setting a short graceful shutdown time · 428f0704dee1
      Georges Racinet authored
      Runit seems to be unable to kill HGitaly without deadlocking
      itself (lingering `runsv` process etc.). Therefore, we generally
      need a shorter graceful shutdown time than Runit's timeout.
      It doesn't seem to be necessary to re-expose this setting in
      `gdk.yml`, as setting it higher with persistence with respect to
      `gdk reconfigure` would be useful for more than an already quite
      specific testing session.
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  10. 20 Jun, 2022 2 commits
    • Toon Claes's avatar
      Config: Stop reading from loose files · b5f3ddb9efeb
      Toon Claes authored
      Configuring GDK through gdk.yml was introduced in the summer of 2019[1].
      It's time we make this the only way to configure GDK and get rid of the
      use of loose files.
      With these changes the GDK config will raise an error if one of the old
      loose files is detected. An error might look something like this:
          WARNING: WARNING: Loose file 'webpack_port' is no longer supported.
          INFO: Instead, set 'webpack.port' in your gdk.yml.
      [1]: 4a85f1c4 (Add some ruby code to load config from yaml, 2019-03-18)
      Changelog: deprecated
    • Toon Claes's avatar
      Config: Don't use read! where not needed · f9c5446ddbdd
      Toon Claes authored
      We're about to make #read! fail, so remove it from the places where it
      shouldn't fail.
  11. 07 Jul, 2022 2 commits
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  14. 07 Jul, 2022 1 commit
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      Automatically configure LDAP if OpenLDAP is enabled · 7777fa9f6461
      Stan Hu authored
      Previously setting `openldap.enabled` to `true` would only enable the
      `Procfile`, but a number of manual steps were necessary to get LDAP
      1. `make -C gitlab-openldap default`
      2. Configure `gitlab.yml` with the main and alternate LDAP groups.
      This commit addresses both steps and makes it easy to get LDAP running
      with the GDK. This would have saved me an hour of debugging.
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