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      Merged upstream 13.16.1 for GitLab 13.9 · c591a0daf988
      Georges Racinet authored
      A notable change is the introduction of the builtin SSH server.
      As a minor side effect of this change, `config_test.go` was deemed
      not worth adapting to the new structure of `config.go`. In our case
      it was also testing the application of default values, and the
      serialization of HGRCPATH in one single string. This is trivial
      enough not to require explicit direct testing, and the latter
      is tested indirectly by internal/command/hg/hg_test.go
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      Mercurial native mode: pass over to exec'ed hg process · 004452a3278a
      Georges Racinet authored
      This is part of heptapod#364.
      As previously done in Heptapod Workhorse, we have to bump
      the Heptapod version, hence not really abiding to semver
      rules yet.
      The internal API call will provide us additional information
      whether this is a Mercurial native project, which gets converted
      by this change into the environment variable that the `hg` process
      The test is minimal, leveraging Golang defaulting rules. We'll
      make it table driven right afterwards.
  13. 01 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      heptapod#352: introducing Heptapod version files · 50ab0030cfb8
      Georges Racinet authored
      Since the new versioning policy allows for independence of
      Heptapod Shell versions with respect to Heptapod versions,
      it makes sense to have Heptapod counterparts for VERSION and
      CHANGELOG, same as in upstream GitLab Shell.