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    Heptapod: generic implementaion for apply_hashed_storage_setting · 326a7569275a
    Georges Racinet authored
    It will work for any subclass that implements `gitlab_ctl` and
    `rake` (currently corresponding to the `@needs.services` generator),
    hence for `GdkHeptapod` as well as `DockerHeptapod`.
    This implementation is tighter in that we make sure that Redis,
    where the annoying cache should reside, is stopped before
    restarting everything. The restart of Rails dominates execution
    time anyway.
    Of course, at some point we could find a gentler way to force
    the previous setting out of the caches, but at least we can now
    run hashed storage related tests in GDK context.
    We don't need `restart_rails()` anymore, a more controlled style
    is wishable anyway.