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    Omnibus: stop hardcoding server-side path to hg · 55b1ee0b3b1b
    Georges Racinet authored
    For server-side operations, we should use the one provided by
    the server, obviously.
    The immediate need is that it varies amongst installation types
    With The new Omnibus packaging method (omnibus-heptapod!3)
    for Heptapod 0.17, it changes from /usr/local/bin (expected to be on PATH)
    to /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin.
    There are several TODOs:
    - read `hg_executable` from config, with remote instances being
      the only exceptions (but these wouldn't call server-side subprocesses
      from the tests).
    - provide a direct helper method on `Heptapod`
    - do the same for Git