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    OmnibusHeptapod: fixing DevToolsActivePort chrome driver problem · fa268a4c73e9
    Georges Racinet authored
    Without this, the tests may crash with the
    "DevToolsActivePort file doesn't exist" error upon initialization
    of ChromeDriver.
    Many resources I could find about this are in a context when
    the tests are run as `root`, as I did in the first experiments.
    But it can happen also if running a non-privileged user, such
    as `git` in our case.
    Of course `--no-sandbox` wouldn't be acceptable for systems
    not entirely dedicated to the task, as is the case with
    `OmnibusHeptapod`, but not `DockerHeptapod` (in the latter,
    the web driver is on the user's system, not in the container).
    branch : stable