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    Supporting Heptapod source installs · 6b9f58423048
    Georges Racinet authored
    We have two new options:
    In source installs, as provided by the GitLab Development Kit
    (GDK), we obviously don't have docker commands, but we have
    direct access to processes and filesystem paths.
    To support that, we move the Heptapod class to its own
    module, and split it in a base class with two subclasses.
    We also introduce higher level file manipulation, using the
    tar file uploads as before in the Docker case, and direct
    file manipulation in the source case. We drop the artificial
    flexibility we had about uid/gid: they aren't usable in the
    source case, and they are fixed in the Docker case anyway.
    Also, the SSH url have to be different, because it's the current
    user in the source case.