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    Ability to run the tests in concurrent (multithreaded) mode · 4a3f75099b04
    Georges Racinet authored
    Since 14a569275d1c, the name of projects used in fixtures are
    unique, hence it's in theory possible to run the tests in parallel.
    In practice, as of this writing, some of our tests are flaky when
    run concurrently.
    We should not run the tests with several processes, because each will
    want to set the GitLab user tokens independently in the `heptapod`
    session scoped fixture. However, in multithreaded mode, we can
    guarantee that the `heptapod` fixture gets set up exactly once.
    Besides being faster, this is interesting to exert Heptapod on the current
    GitLab 12, by upping the chances of race conditions, notably in the
    asynchronous handling of post-receives.
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