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README: rules for management of the default branch

these can be amended later, but it's occurring to me that
the interdependency with changes in Heptapod has to be
clarified, if only as a reference for myself.
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......@@ -50,3 +50,17 @@ To test your local clone of heptapod/heptapod:
If you want to try changes to other components (e.g., `hg-git`), do something similar.
The paths can be seen in the Docker build logs, or you can read them in the [install script](
## Adding new tests
### Branch and topics rules
The convention is that the tests in the default branch should pass against
the current `octobus/heptapod:latest` Docker image, so
* if you want to share a bug reproduction, please open a new topic
* even if a bug fix in heptapod has landed, please wait for Docker push to
publish the corresponding tests
* tests can be published before a Heptapod new release, but please have the
corresponding fixes landed and pushed to Docker Hub first.
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