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# Heptapod automated functional tests
## Installation
### Client-side install
- tox: `pip install --user tox`
- [ChromeDriver](
+ Fedora 29: `dnf install chromedriver`
+ Debian 9: `apt install chromium-driver`
### Heptapod install
It's currently not possible to configure details about the heptapod install
(URL, passwords etc)
- Run a fresh Docker container named `heptapod`, and answering on
`http://localhost:81`. The tests will issue both `docker exec` commands
and HTTP requests.
- The Gitlab root password will be initialized by the test.
## Running the tests
Just do: `tox` from the `heptapod-tests` directory, as an user that can
issue Docker commands.
This will test the current state of your Heptapod container.
### Choosing the version to test
By default, the `Dockerfile` from `omnibus/heptapod_docker` is loaded with
the head of the `heptapod` branch from ``.
To test your local heptapod clone:
- mount your local `heptapod` clone in the container (assuming below it's seen
as `/home/heptapod` from the container)
- execute the following in the container:
cd /var/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails
hg pull /home/heptapod
hg rev -r WISHED_REVISION app lib
gitlab-ctl restart unicorn
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