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Adding a `heptapod` attribute on Heptapod

For objects that are relative to different type of GitLab objects,
such as Runners, it would be convenient to access the Heptapod
instance uniformly.
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...@@ -74,6 +74,10 @@ class Heptapod: ...@@ -74,6 +74,10 @@ class Heptapod:
self.wait_after_first_response = wait_after_first_response self.wait_after_first_response = wait_after_first_response
self.settings = {} self.settings = {}
def heptapod(self):
return self
@property @property
def ssh_url(self): def ssh_url(self):
return 'ssh://{user}@{host}:{port}'.format( return 'ssh://{user}@{host}:{port}'.format(
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