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Added a basic push test for a Project in Group

This is obviously a common use case, that can be
subtly different from the case of a Project in User
namespace, but it wasn't explicitely tested until now.

(test added while debugging merge with upstream GitLab 13.7)
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......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ from .utils import (
from import Group
from .utils.project import Project
from .test_push import prepare_simple_repo
parametrize = pytest.mark.parametrize
......@@ -64,6 +66,20 @@ def test_group_project(heptapod, hashed_storage):
def test_group_project_push(heptapod, tmpdir):
with Group.api_create(heptapod, unique_name('test_group'),
user_name='test_basic') as group:
with Project.api_create(heptapod,
group=group) as project:
prepare_simple_repo(project, tmpdir / 'repo')
assert project.api_branch_titles() == {
'branch/default': 'Commit 0',
'topic/default/zetop': 'Commit 1',
@parametrize('hashed_storage', [True, False])
def test_subgroups(heptapod, hashed_storage):
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