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README: more details about ChromeDriver

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......@@ -19,10 +19,19 @@ following extensions available:
#### Test harness (Selenium)
- tox: `pip install --user tox`
- [ChromeDriver](
- [ChromeDriver](
For direct installation on the system running the tests:
+ Fedora 29 to 33: `dnf install chromedriver`
+ Debian 9 to 10: `apt install chromium-driver`
+ Debian 9 to 10, Ubuntu < 20.04: `apt install chromium-driver`
+ Ubuntu ≥ 20.04: the `chromium-driver` package actually installs a snap,
which can be problematic in some environments. See how it is done in the
`docker-inside` job of our [CI pipelines](.gitlab-ci.yml).
Another option is to use a Selenium RemoteWebDriver, which proxies the
actual web browsing through a dedicated system. Selenium provides the
`selenium/standalone-chrome` Docker image for these purposes.
All further dependencies will be installed by the first run.
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