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python-gitlab: tests for vcs_type and hg commit ids

The commit ids part is for heptapod#387.

We check in particular that we didn't break python-gitlab's
view of Git commits: the new `hg_id` and `short_hg_id` entries
are not even there for them.
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"""Tests involving the python-gitlab API client library."""
from .test_push import prepare_simple_repo
from .utils.git import LocalRepo as GitRepo
def test_python_gitlab_hg_project(test_project, tmpdir):
proj = test_project
api_client = proj.owner_user.python_gitlab_client
gl_proj = api_client.projects.get(
vcs_type = 'hg' if proj.hg_native else 'hg_git'
assert gl_proj.vcs_type == vcs_type
repo = prepare_simple_repo(proj, tmpdir / 'repo')
topic_hg_shas = dict(repo.changeset_extracts(('topic', 'node'))[1])
for topic, gl_branch_name in (('', 'branch/default'),
('zetop', 'topic/default/zetop')):
gl_commit = gl_proj.branches.get(gl_branch_name).commit
hg_sha = topic_hg_shas[topic]
assert gl_commit['hg_id'] == hg_sha
assert gl_commit['short_hg_id'] == hg_sha[:12]
def test_python_gitlab_git_project(git_project, tmpdir):
proj = git_project
api_client = proj.owner_user.python_gitlab_client
gl_proj = api_client.projects.get(
assert gl_proj.vcs_type == 'git'
ssh_cmd, ssh_url = proj.owner_ssh_params
repo_path = tmpdir / 'repo.git'
repo = GitRepo.init(repo_path, default_url=ssh_url)
repo_path.join('foo').write("Hey this is in Git!\n")
repo.git('add', 'foo')
repo.git('commit', '-m', 'Commit 0')
repo.git('push', '--set-upstream', 'origin', 'master', ssh_cmd=ssh_cmd)
gl_commit = gl_proj.branches.get('master').commit
assert 'hg_id' not in gl_commit
assert 'short_hg_id' not in gl_commit
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