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Heptapod CI: using heptapod/ci-images/mercurial base Docker image

This spares us refreshing APT sources and installing tox, better for
latency, bandwidth, given that the chances the base image is already
available are high, and about the same as the octobus image meant for
classical Mercurial extensions testing that's been replaced.
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......@@ -32,13 +32,16 @@ flake8:
alias: heptapod
- name: selenium/standalone-chrome
alias: selenium
image: octobus/ci-py3-hgext3rd
# This base image provides in particular python3, Mercurial and SSH clients,
# as well as tox (Mercurial and hg-evolve have fixed versions, the same as
# server-side for the 'default' series of Heptapod.
# We may prefer to switch to `stable` instead of `latest` when it becomes
# available, but it doesn't matter much except in very special cases, such
# as when we had to force hg-evolve>=9.3.1 for all clients (see heptapod#221).
- apt-get update
- apt-get -y install tox openssh-client
- pip install --user hg-evolve>=9.3.1
- ci/run-tests
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