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Omnibus: dedicated tox env to avoid the distro python3

In the current Docker image, the python3 version installed by
the base Linux distribution is python3.5, which is ancient and
has reached its end of life. Could very well not be supported by
tox at any point.

Let's use the python3 provided by Omnibus instead, as it is either
3.7 or 3.8 in the current Heptapod branches of Omnibus.

branch : stable
parent ff1e1f34a318
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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ COMMON_FLAGS="-v \
chown -R git:git .
GIT_HOME=`ls -d ~git` # for explicit guaranteed forwarding
chown git:git $GIT_HOME
TOX="sudo -u git HOME=$GIT_HOME tox"
TOX="sudo -u git HOME=$GIT_HOME tox -e omnibus"
for MARKER in services fs_access; do
......@@ -10,3 +10,6 @@ deps =
commands =
py.test {posargs}
basepython = /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/python3
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