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Commit 7675ff53 authored by Georges Racinet's avatar Georges Racinet 🦑
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Bookmarks: native projects now behave exactly as hg-git projects

This is thanks to the state file, which can record also the
difference between the pure Mercurial logic and what GitLab sees.
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......@@ -213,15 +213,9 @@ def test_implicit_move(test_project, tmpdir):
gl_branches = {
'branch/default': 'Commit on default',
'sliding': 'Commit 2',
'branch/other': 'Commit 2',
if not test_project.hg_native:
# not shadowing the branch is a divergence of state
# between hg and git that cannot sanely be reproduced
# in the native case. See heptapod#143 for the origin of this
# non-shadowing feature
gl_branches['branch/other'] = 'Commit 2'
assert test_project.api_branch_titles() == gl_branches
if test_project.hg_native:
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