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Project: archive download helpers

This provides the way to test the repository download links
(which are backed by `hg archive` and `git archive`).
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import attr
from base64 import b64decode
import hashlib
from io import BytesIO
import logging
import os
import py
......@@ -287,6 +288,26 @@ class Project(object):
def make_storage_hashed(self):
def archive_url(self, gitlab_branch, file_ext):
base_file_name = '-'.join([] + gitlab_branch.split('/'))
return '/'.join((self.url,
'-', 'archive',
base_file_name + '.' + file_ext
def get_archive(self, gitlab_branch, fmt='tar'):
"""Retrieve a repository archive by URL.
:param fmt: the wished format. At this point, this is directly
mapped as a file extension in the request, and only the `tar`
value is tested.
:returns: the archive content, as a files-like object
resp = requests.get(self.archive_url(gitlab_branch, fmt))
assert resp.status_code == 200
return BytesIO(resp.content)
def api_branches(self):
"""Retrieve and pre-sort branches info through the REST API."""
resp = self.owner_api_get(subpath='repository/branches')
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