Commit b328c5c2 authored by Georges Racinet's avatar Georges Racinet 🦑
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initial setup: more useful logging

when using `log_cli=True`, it's nicer to see the real progression
of the Heptapod server preparations or resuming.
parent d6b894e2dcee
......@@ -120,6 +120,7 @@ class Heptapod:
In that latter case, an amount of extra wait after the first successful
HTTP response is often needed.
""""Waiting for Heptapod to answer requests")
dead_msg = ("Heptapod server did not "
"respond in %s seconds" % first_response_timeout)
start = time.time()
......@@ -141,7 +142,6 @@ class Heptapod:
"after first successful HTTP call",
time.sleep(wait_after_first_response)"Proceeding with tests")
duration = 1
......@@ -167,27 +167,34 @@ class Heptapod:
if self.dead is None:
wait_after_first_response=self.wait_after_first_response)"Preparing root user.")
root = self.users['root'] = {}
driver = self.new_webdriver()
# guaranteeing driver to be available for teardown as soon as created
root['webdriver'] = driver
session.login_as_root(driver, self, root_password)"Preparing application settings.")
# necessary if we want to listen to web hooks from these tests
# in GitLab v12.2.0, this is deprecated for ...from_web_hooks...
allow_local_requests_from_hooks_and_services="true")"Preparing basic user.")
basic, driver = session.ensure_user(self, 'test_basic',
fullname='Bäsîc Test',
self.users[]['id'] =
self.users[]['webdriver'] = driver"Uploading users SSH keys.")
'-R', '[{host}]:{port}'.format(, port=self.ssh_port)))"All preparations done, proceeding with tests.")
def set_application_settings(self, **settings):
"""Change GitLab application settings and update :attr:`settings`."""
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