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native migration: testing pipelines

We're also checking a MR pipeline, for theire SHA-based
specific variables.
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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ from .utils import (
from .utils.constants import DATA_DIR
from .utils.merge_request import MergeRequest
......@@ -25,6 +26,9 @@ from .test_merge_requests import (
from .utils.runner import (
def dict_same_value(d, key1, key2):
......@@ -154,3 +158,77 @@ def test_partially_migrated_mrs(heptapod, tmpdir):
assert mr_info['sha'] == topic_sha
assert_commit_link(imported, 1, "Même une antilope !", topic_sha)
def assert_jobs_sha_consistency(proj, shas, wait_count=1):
"""Assert existence of jobs for all given shas and internal consistency.
# TODO include in a Project method
jobs = wait_assert(
lambda: proj.api_jobs(),
lambda jobs: sum(len(sj) for sj in jobs.values()) >= wait_count)
for sha in shas:
sha_jobs = jobs.get(sha)
assert sha_jobs # reject also empty list, if even possible
for job in sha_jobs:
assert job['pipeline']['sha'] == sha
def assert_acquired_job_sha_consistency(acquired_jobs, sha, base_sha=None):
job = acquired_jobs.get(sha)
assert job # also rejecting empty list if possible
variables = job_variables(job)
pipeline_id = int(variables['CI_PIPELINE_ID'])
vcs_info = job['git_info']
assert vcs_info['sha'] == sha
assert vcs_info['refspecs'][0] == '+%s:refs/pipelines/%d' % (sha,
if base_sha is not None:
assert vcs_info['before_sha'] == base_sha
assert variables['CI_COMMIT_SHA'] == sha
assert sha.startswith(variables['CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA'])
def test_native_migration_pipeline(test_project_with_runner, tmpdir):
proj, runner = test_project_with_runner
repo = hg.LocalRepo.init(tmpdir.join('repo'),
topic = prepare_topic(repo, with_ci=True, with_mr_pipelines=True)
default_sha = repo.node('default')
base_sha = repo.node('0')
topic_sha = repo.node(topic)
# baseline: just checking that everything is as expected (Git SHAs)
gl_branches = proj.api_branches()
default_git_sha, topic_git_sha = [gl_branches[br]['commit']['id']
for br in ('branch/default',
assert default_git_sha != default_sha
assert topic_git_sha != topic_sha
assert_jobs_sha_consistency(proj, (default_git_sha, topic_git_sha),
MergeRequest.api_create(proj, 'topic/default/antelope')
assert_jobs_sha_consistency(proj, (default_sha, topic_sha), wait_count=3)
acquired_jobs = {job['git_info']['hgsha']: job
for job in runner.wait_assert_jobs(2)}
# because we waited before creating the MR for at least two jobs to
# be created, we can be confident that the MR job is the third.
mr_job = runner.wait_assert_one_job()
assert_acquired_job_sha_consistency(acquired_jobs, default_sha)
# We could expect before_sha to be base_sha for that one,
# but that is not the case, it is ZERO_SHA (same before migration,
# TODO maybe compare with a Git project to check it is not a general
# bug, unrelated to what is been tested here).
assert_acquired_job_sha_consistency(acquired_jobs, topic_sha)
mr_vars = job_variables(mr_job)
# assertions for MR job specific variables
assert mr_vars['CI_MERGE_REQUEST_DIFF_BASE_SHA'] == base_sha
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