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DockerHeptapod: Fixed SSH params

Now that it inherits from OmnibusHeptapod, it had
the hardcoded expected `git@localhost`, which isn't
appropriate because DockerHeptapod is meant to be
used from outside the container (and OmnibusHeptapod can
be used from inside the container)
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......@@ -579,6 +579,10 @@ class DockerHeptapod(OmnibusHeptapod):
def run_shell(self, command, **kw):
return docker.heptapod_run_shell(self.docker_container, command, **kw)
def ssh_url(self):
return super(OmnibusHeptapod, self).ssh_url
def put_archive(self, dest, path, owner='git'):
res = docker.heptapod_put_archive(self.docker_container, dest, path)
self.run_shell(['chown', '-R', 'git:root', dest])
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