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Commit e9f59edd authored by Georges Racinet's avatar Georges Racinet 🦑
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Heptapod CI: building bootstrapped images with Kaniko

A later problem is that we will need to also produce the 'testing'
image (or maybe have omnibus produce it for tag builds only, or
just get rid of it entirely).

Attempts at building the two images in a single call so far
have failed. Notably, --cache will want to push its cached layers
to a local registry, defaulting to registry.h.n to which upload is very
slow. Also, it is not clear what the end step would be
after running Kaniko twice in the same filesystem (not what Kaniko is
designed for).

Perhaps we can hope for a new Kaniko feature to become available later on,
like pushing two build stages defined in a single Dockerfile? In the mean time
let's just accept the possibility of an unnecessary pull of the
bootstrapped image (not so grim).
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