1. 17 Dec, 2020 1 commit
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      test_import: rewrote with the new assert_matching_changesets() · 7521c0c4c45e
      Georges Racinet authored
      It's actually a bit longer, but it's more explicit. The fact
      that I found it tedious to track for this change whether phase
      is there or not is a good example of why it's probably better.
      As with all assertions based on `LocalRepo.changeset_extracts()`
      I hope future failures will be clearer for investigation.
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      test_push: rewrote some assertions with new changeset_extracts · 8e1eaef66e57
      Georges Racinet authored
      Not the best time to do *all* of them.
      Also spotted a use-case for `repo.node()`, much more recent than
      the test.
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      utils.hg: higher level assert_matching_changesets helper · d586b25aa4d2
      Georges Racinet authored
      It is based on the previously introduced `changeset_extracts()`
      and has options for fields of comparison and order.
      The hope is that it will make failures appearing on tests
      easier to understand, especially to (relative) newcomers.
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      utils.hg: high level method to extract changesets info · 8fa3f8406c79
      Georges Racinet authored
      This will be, I hope, more readable than the pervasive
      "log with `:` separated template / split" pattern
      we've been using.
      Especially, I expect failures to be more readily understandable.
      Using namedtuples for the extracts so that it's admissible in
      dicts and sets. The drawback is that we have to return the class
      as well, for litteral comparison. Each call gives a new class
      but instances of two such namedtuple classes are comparable.
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      DockerHeptapod: Fixed SSH params · a9cbd203532d
      Georges Racinet authored
      Now that it inherits from OmnibusHeptapod, it had
      the hardcoded expected `git@localhost`, which isn't
      appropriate because DockerHeptapod is meant to be
      used from outside the container (and OmnibusHeptapod can
      be used from inside the container)
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      Mercurial native: forbid closing of default GitLab branch · c6f0710241f7
      Georges Racinet authored
      With the native mode, something pushed is pushed. In that case
      if we don't want a closing changeset of the GitLab branch,
      we have to prevent pushing it in the first place.
      People can always change the default branch setting if needed
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      Mercurial native: different rules for implicit bookmark push · a46bd63cda3e
      Georges Racinet authored
      For native repos, the shadowing happens at read time, so we
      can't make a difference between sliding (not a new bookmark)
      or not.
      Also, we cannot just let the bookmark at a previous position
      for the non-shadowed case of the default GitLab branch. This
      latter case is done identically for non-native repos because
      it was arguably a logical discrepancy.
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      Mercurial native mode: case where topic still visible after publication · 13eb36a56335
      Georges Racinet authored
      The branchmap rules make it so that if it's useful for visualisation
      of instabilities, in stack topics case, the older one is still
      visible after publication (because it's base of the one that now
      has to be rebased).
      Hoping this can change at some point in the future, though.
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      Mercurial native: introspect at Project level · dc2a28b750f8
      Georges Racinet authored
      For the very few tests that need to make a difference, it's
      best not to assume we will use a global flag available on
      the Heptapod project forever. It could very well depend on
      the given project.
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