Heptapod CI: hg-native remote jobs now expected to succeed

With the previously forgotten enabling by the tests of
the Mercurial native repositories, these have passed for
the first time while testing the Heptapod 0.17.1 release.

Let's now require them to pass, hoping nothing too flaky
will be there.

At this point of development of the native mode, the inside
tests still fail, and that's not so surprising, probably
a real problem to fix, not only test harness.
6 jobs for branch/default in 26 minutes and 44 seconds (queued for 1 second)
Name Stage Failure
docker-native-inside Test Heptapod
ERROR:   omnibus: commands failed
Running after_script
Uploading artifacts for failed job
Uploading artifacts...
WARNING: log/gitlab-rails/production_json.log: no matching files
WARNING: log/hgserve/mercurial.log: no matching files
WARNING: log/hgserve/gunicorn.log: no matching files
ERROR: No files to upload
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1